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Pride in Performance

Step into the spotlight with our renowned student performance company, Cross Currents Dance Company, at MidShore Dance Academy. Every year, our exceptional dancers captivate audiences with their unmatched talent, boundless versatility, and unwavering professionalism.

From enchanting community events to dazzling solo concerts, our dedicated dancers are always in motion, balancing rigorous weekly classes and rehearsals with grace and passion. Our annual lineup includes mesmerizing performances at prestigious events such as St. Benedict's Holiday Bazaar, the enchanting Nutcracker and Holiday Performance, the vibrant First Night Talbot celebration, as well as heartwarming community and nursing care facility showcases.

As a highlight, our Cross Currents Dance Company performers also shine in the Lower School Recital, adding a touch of brilliance and artistry to this cherished event. Join us as we celebrate over 25 years of excellence, artistry, and unforgettable performances with our MidShore Dance Academy family.
Company Member Access

2024-25 Audition and Company Plans

What to Expect From Auditions
  • This is a formal audition, so dancers gain the experience of the adjudication process
  • Dancers will be assigned audition numbers and will be rated on their performance of segments of dance material in the styles of ballet, contemporary and jazz.  We absolutely understand that dancers may be stronger/more experienced in some forms than others!
  • Dancers will be evaluated on their technique & alignment, musicality, and performance quality.  We will also be considering how they handle themselves if movement is challenging, or they make a mistake, how quickly they learn material, and their overall conduct during the audition.
  • Dancers should dress professionally in black leotard, pink convertible tights, and have black leggings for jazz and contemporary.  Dancers should have ballet slippers and jazz shoes, if availalble.  Hair should be in a recital-quality bun, light make-up is optional
  • Returning company members are still required to audition annually
What We're Looking For in Company Dancers
and Additional Expectations/Requirements

  • Obviously a love and dedication to dance
  • We perform a mix of classical and contemporary works, so dancers must be working on their technique in multiple styles. 
  • While we are open to different levels of dancers, some experience and technical proficiency is required.  It is definitely possible that not all dancers that audition will be selected as members of the company.  Those that are not selected are encouraged to continue their training, make sure they are applying corrections in class, and re-audition in a future season.
  • We often have very short timelines to prepare material for performance, so focus, maturity and the ability to learn material quickly and retain it is essential.

Company Participation Fees
  • There is a non-refundable $10 audition fee due at the time of audition registration
  • For dancers that are selected as company members, please note that rehearsal hours are added to class hours from a tuition perspective.  Generally, we set a monthly flat fee for unlimited class hours for company members.
  • All dancers will have to purchase 'company gear' - i.e. Cross Currents warm-up jacket - 2024 cost = $115
  • While many community performances are free, some performances will have ticket fees, depending on the venue and event.
  • Costumes for performances are provided by the studio.  Dancers need only to supply their standard dancewear (leotard & tights, black leggings) and shoes, and occasionally, everyday clothing basics, such as a white button up shirt.

Auditions – Friday, May 3rd & Friday, May 17th – Easton Studios
5:00pm – 5:20pm: Parent Meeting and student fittings for company jackets

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Junior Company Auditions

5:30pm – 7:00pm: Senior Company Auditions
  • Dancers do NOT need to attend both audition dates.
  • Returning company dancers DO need to audition. This helps us see how groups of dancers move together, and it’s always good experience
  • Decisions Announced by Wednesday, June 12 (right after recital)
  • Contracts, including payment for Company jacket due by Friday, June 21           

Absolutely no late contracts will be accepted.
  • Rehearsals for Shore Birds Performance start Monday, June 24th (dancers will need to register for summer dance)
  • Prep Company (grades 2 – 4) students do not need to audition at this level- they will be invited based on staff selection/feedback. Parents & dancers are still encouraged to attend the Parent Meeting with the scheduled auditions, so they too are fitted for jackets and parents are getting information.
Interested dancers at the Junior & Senior level that are unable to attend either audition date should contact Mrs. Shari,

Definitions/Expectations/Commitment Requirements
Prep Company – grades 2 – 4, by invitation

Summer requirement for 2024
Prep Company Workshop August 26, 27, and 28 – 5:00pm – 6:45pm, Easton Studio;

  • Enrollment in Magical Creatures or Dancer’s Dreams Camp (as appropriate for the age of the dancer) is encouraged
  • We will add a once per week summer requirement for 2025

School year 2024-25 Requirement
Minimum enrollment = 2 days/week

  • Ballet class and rehearsal – Easton Studio, weeknight, to be determined
  • At least one additional class – jazz or contemporary, at either studio
  • Dancers are welcome/encouraged to take additional classes
Junior Company – grades 4 – 7, by audition/invitation

Summer requirement for 2024

  • TEAL class and Shore Birds Rehearsal, Mondays, 6pm to 8pm, Easton Studio
  • Junior Company Ballet Class, Thursdays, 6:00-7:15pm, available in Centreville & Easton
  • We can work around occasional absences for family vacation for summer session class/rehearsal
  • Performance Intensive, August 5 – 9, 9:30am to 4:00pm, Easton Studio [Mandatory]

School Year 2024-25 Requirement
Minimum enrollment = 3 days/week

  • Friday Rehearsals, 4:30pm to 6:00pm, Easton Studio
  • Ballet & Jazz, weeknight, TBD, Easton Studio
  • Ballet & Contemporary, weeknight, TBD, available in Centreville & Easton
  • Dancers are welcome/encouraged to take additional classes

Senior Company  - grades 7 – 12, by audition/invitation

Summer Requirement for 2024

  • TEAL class and Shore Birds Rehearsal, Mondays, 6pm to 8pm, Easton Studio
  • Senior Company Ballet Class, Thursdays, 6:00-7:30pm (pointe follows, if applicable)
STRONGLY Recommended that dancers also take Jazz & Contemporary, available in both locations, stacked together in one evening

  • We can work around occasional absence for family vacation from summer session class/rehearsal
  • Performance Intensive, August 5 – 9, 9:30am to 4:00pm, Easton Studio [Mandatory]

School Year 2024-25 Requirement
Minimum enrollment = 4 days/week

  • Friday Rehearsals, 4:30pm to 6:00pm, Easton Studio
  • Ballet & Rehearsal, weeknight, TBD, Easton Studio
  • Additional Ballet, weeknight, Centreville or Easton Studio (note that pointe is only available in Easton)
  • Jazz & Contemporary – stacked in one evening, available in Easton & Centreville

The 4th Saturday of the month, September 28, October 26, and November 23rd, 1pm to 4pm, will be Visions Of Sugarplums Rehearsals
Confirmed Performance Dates

Thursday, August 1st ~ Shore Birds Game, Salisbury, MD
  • This performance is Junior & Senior Company only

Saturday, October 12th ~ Fairy Fest (rain date = Sunday, October 13th) – 11am to 3pm, Adkins Arboretum
  • In addition to performing several pieces, we will also be setting up and running a Maypole throughout the event and will have a Maypole Dance. NHSDA and parent volunteers welcome.
  • This performance is Prep, Junior, and Senior Company members

Friday, December 13th – Dress Rehearsal, Visions of Sugarplums, Chesapeake College, 4:30pm to 8:30pm

Saturday, December 14th – Visions of Sugarplums Performances, matinee (Cookies with Clara!) and evening

  • One of our rehearsals will be a “drop & shop” opportunity for parents, and young dancers will get to hear the Nutcracker story and see our production in rehearsal
  • This performance is Prep, Junior and Senior Company members, plus extra dancers

Saturday, March 22nd – Impressions, Spring Showcase and NHSDA Induction Ceremony, Chesapeake College
  • Dress Rehearsal and performance will be on the same day, dancers report around 3pm
  • This performance is Prep, Junior and Senior Company members, plus NHSDA members/Inductees
The above dates are all confirmed with the respective venues, and should be reserved on your calendars.
Tentative and Future Plans

Tentative:  Weekend mid-October - Dance Festival (if this is a "go", it would be available to all dancers ages 9 and up)

Tentative: Saturday, April ….? – Eastern Shore Arts Festival – FREE event involving multiple arts groups
Previously, this has only been for Senior Company members for performance, with additional class opportunities for dancers ages 12 and up

Information regarding additional Day of Dance and Workshop opportunities will be shared as they come available. While we understand that family schedules may not allow for dancers to participate in shorter notice events, we strongly encourage dancers to take advantage of as many additional training opportunities as possible to further their development as a dancer and amazing human.

Planning ahead for future: We were honored to be invited to participate in a performance opportunity at Carnegie Hall…. YES, the CARNEGIE HALL ….. in New York for January, 2025. While we are THRILLED at the prospect of such a prestigious opportunity, it is A LOT of planning, including fundraising to help offset expenses for families, so this will be something we will be working toward for a couple years from now. Mrs. Shari has been accepted as a “Fellow” in Performing Arts Educators, and will be working with them for additional opportunities. They sponsor International Summer Travel, as well!! Even further out in the planning, for sure, and super exciting to consider these amazing options!!

There are lots of other travel performance opportunities to amusement parks, and various New York City options, so we may be starting with a smaller trip that’s a little easier to organize, as we plan ahead for the bigger events.

Contracts  for performers that are offered positions in the company will include additional details concerning attendance and punctuality.

Never Enough | First Night Talbot

Choreography by Camilla Smigo McCann